I had a stress test today. A physical stress test to see how my heart reacts to maximal, physical effort.

The results were that my Blood Pressure (BP from now on) was a little high at maximal effort. My Dr. said that the normal accepted level is 200-220 systolic pressure (the top number of your BP) and my systolic pressure was at 250.

She suggested going on a medicine (what medication it was I can’t remember), I was hesitant, she understood my hesitation, I suggested making adjustments to my diet, and retesting in 6 months, she said 3 months, so we will retest in 3 months to see if things get better, worse, or stay the same. If it gets better, cool, I’ll continue my diet change. If it stays the same or gets worse I’ll probably go on the med suggested my my Dr.

I’ll keep y’all informed of what’s going down with my heart,




What’s up friends?!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last ‘life update’. I’ve been slightly more busy than usual.

Mainly because I’ve been promoted to a full time position at my current job! YAY! I haven’t heard anything from the gym position so I’m assuming they went another direction. They’re missing out if you ask me.

But anywho… week one as a full time employee: I need new shoes. Monday through the first half of Friday were fine, but I got shin splints Friday afternoon. And I woke up… took a couple steps Saturday morning and still had shin splints. Luckily I was able to massage my anterior tibialis when the pain got more than tolerable and that got me through my shift. Also, my shoes aren’t the gripiest. They’re meant for basketball courts or hard court tennis courts, not the varied, wet surfaces of my workplace. So, new shoes are to be purchased. Probably some plain, black tennis or basketball shoes.

In other news I decided to get back on the bike today. Rode a modest 12.4 miles at an average pace of 15.1 mph and a max of 32.2 mph (wind aided). I can’t wait for the Summer weather pattern to return. This means that there’s almost always a breeze of between 5 and 10 mph, not the cold front wind of 15 – 20 mph with gusts above that (which is what I faced today). But whatever, I made my route so that my out was into the wind and my in was with the wind. It was a good ride, pushed myself, got a little nauseous from said pushing, drank all my water, felt better, dodged some imbecile drivers, and finished tired, but accomplished.

Finally, it was great bumping into a long time friend today. Congrats Valerie on your job! I know you’re gonna do amazing things through it! Love ya 🙂

I hope y’all had an excellent Saturday,


Road to Emmaus

The road to Emmaus story is my favorite resurrection story. It’s on of my favorite Bible stories full stop.

As a quick recap: Two dudes (these two were followers of Jesus) were on the road to Emmaus when a third dude (spoilers… the third dude is Jesus) joined them. The new traveler asked ‘Are y’all heading to Emmaus?… If so, may I join your company?’ and the other two were like ‘Sure! The more the merrier!’

So the three of them are traveling the road to Emmaus talkin’, jokin’, and in general shooting the shit.

Eventually they get to Emmaus, but it’s gotten late so the two original travelers invite the third in their company to dinner. He accepts and they go to a house (I forget if it was one of the original traveller’s homes or just a general home or an inn or what). Then something a little unusual happens. The third dude asks if he can bless the meal. The original dudes say ‘Sure’ so the third dude goes about blessing.

He goes about blessing things and then gets to the bread. He blesses the bread, breaks it, and all is revealed to the original dudes. They realize they’ve been walking with Jesus for several hours without realizing and go to talk with Jesus some more, but he’s vanished (as resurrected individuals often do).

As they realize their heart’s were on fire (not literally, more in a spritual sense) the entire time, when the two original dudes see that Jesus had vanished they made haste to go back to Jerusalem.

I love this story because it illustrates how Jesus can appear in our lives at any moment and it’s often not until after the moment’s past that we realize what was happening.

Often times I think Christians focus too much on ‘The Second Coming of Jesus’ and not enough on the every day ‘Jesus’ that come into our lives.

Yes, the day of reckoning is coming, but it may not be for another 1,000 or 3 billion years. Whenever the Sun is going to expand so much as to devour Earth.

I’ve always been a ‘focus on the present’ kinda guy (that may be inferred by my ISFJ personality), but the future is/and will always be a scary proposition.

When I expressed these thoughts to a friend she said that it reminded her of the story of a person waiting on their roof top for God to save them even though a boat and helicopter offered their assistance.

Basically what I’m saying is… don’t discount the everyday Jesus’ that we encounter. They often teach us more than we realize.


Lots of purchases this week.

I mentioned the books I bought earlier this week: How to be Here by Rob Bell; Me and Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews; Mosquitoland by David Arnold.

I pre-ordered an album and purchased a single and another album. The pre-ordered album is Relient K’s new album Air for Free. The single is also a Relient K song called Look on Up. The other album I purchased was Ariana Grande’s My Everything (Deluxe).

Today I went to the mall to stop my one store that I had a coupon for and to browse a couple other stores (well… one other store).

I first stopped by FYE to see what deals they had going. They had a BOGO 50% off deal on used cd’s. So I browsed around and found two that I’ve been wanting to get for a while. The first is Ingrid Michaelson’s newest album Lights Out and the other is Kesha’s first album Animal.

The next and final stop was Hot Topic. I had a coupon for $15 of a purchase of at least $30. After browsing around for a bit (and stalling for a bit) I chose a Deadpool tank and a Sherlock t-shirt. The cashier was the same form my last visit. I small talked with her through the transaction. I probably could’ve went for a ‘are you doing anything later?’ when she mentioned she was working a short shift, but I didn’t. I’m not going to ruminate much about that because at the least I started a conversation. Sure it was not but 2 minutes in length, but she may recognize me next time and we’ll have a slightly deeper small talky conversation.

Anywho… I hope y’all had a good Saturday,



First, she wasn’t there.

If you need context, check out yesterday’s post. I will see if she’s available in the coming days. I’ll keep y’all informed of the happenings.

Today was super lazy. I had planed to either ride my bike or go workout… but neither of those things happened. Oh well…

In concern of jobs… it’s looking more and more like I’ll take my current offer for my current position. I’m going to call the gym position tomorrow sometime to see if I can talk with the manager. If I encounter some resistance/lack of call backs, I’m fully committed to my current position… so long as the ‘price is right.’ As stated above, I’ll keep y’all informed.

Next to Finally, I’m going to give an hour to focus on something(s). The focus is on two things; 1) reading and 2) coloring. I need to read more so I plan to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to reading. The rest can be coloring, but I want the majority to be reading. Maybe/Hopefully I’ll expand it to 90 minutes or 2 hours in the coming weeks/months, but you have to start somewhere.

Finally, I went on a book spree. The books I bought were; 1) How To Be Here by Rob Bell because I love Rob Bell; 2) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews because I saw the movie and enjoyed it; and 3) Mosquitoland by David Arnold because I’m a Florida boy and mosquitos are a part of life. So it appeals to my baser instincts.

I need to finish the current book I’m reading, Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, but as soon as I’m finished, I’ll give a review and tell you what I’m starting next.

I hope y’all had a good Thursday,


That Little Voice

My favorite show of all time is Scrubs. It’s a hospital comedy show from the 2000’s. The main character, John Dorian (more well known as J.D.), learns to filter his inner monologue and not say/do everything he thinks.

I need to do the opposite.

Last week I met a cute girl with purple hair. I was shopping in her store and I wanted to check a shirt for size, so she lead the way to unlock the changing room and my inner monologue said ‘I love your hair!’

Did I say either of those?… No.

So we proceed with the transaction, she does her sales speech, I search the store a little more and get a second shirt because it was basically 50% off, and go to pay. The total was above a certain price point, so she gives me a coupon for this week and then asks, ‘Would you like to put a phone number to get a reminder for the sale?’

I said ‘No’ and completed the transaction and walked out of the store. As I was walking out my inner monologue said, ‘Go back and ask if the ‘reminder call’ is a robo-call or a call by her.’

Did I go back?… No.

I ignored all of it and went straight to my car and drove away.

Do I regret it? Kinda. I do plan to go back tomorrow to see if she’s there to try again. Hopefully her schedule is fairly consistent so I can ‘try again’. If she isn’t, I’ll visit more frequently to ‘bump’ into her.

Call it creepy or call it persistence. However you view it is no concern to me.

I’ll let y’all know what happens tomorrow. I hope y’all had a good Wednesday,



I recently purchased two “Women’s” tanks (the Hufflepuff tank from a couple days ago and a Nike Tennis tank today) and I love both of them. One because it’s my favorite book series/movie series and the other because it’s colorful and one of my favorite sports. The only difference between men’s tanks and women’s tanks is how the backside looks.

Traditional “Men’s” tanks have broad back and traditional “Women’s” tanks have a narrow back (often called a ‘racer back.’ For my non-female readers, think sports bra with all of the fabric going between the shoulder blades).

I love my ‘racer backed’ tanks! Sure, they feel a little weird, but that’s because I haven’t been wearing them until recently. New sensations always take a little bit to adjust.

Thankfully I didn’t encounter any ‘why are you purchasing a women’s tank?’ in either transaction. I would’ve spouted back, ‘what makes this a women’s tank outside a narrow back and smaller neck?’

The only difference is that instead of purchasing a Small/Medium I purchased a Medium/Large. Big deal.

I know I’m ranting about trivial a trivial thing, but it’s important to me.



Go Places

Thoughts eating me

I go to the park

And feed birds to feel significant.

I look at the night sky

See trillions of stars

That whisper words

Of perspective and strength.


As he considers my thoughts

My dog says

“Can I lick your plate?”


Rode 29.7 miles today. The longest ride I’ve done since my 30 miler in October last year. I was test riding a route to work. I didn’t put it here, but I want to start riding my bike to work to 1) get my cardio in daily instead of 2 times a week and 2) more fully embrace my tree hugging soul by not using gasoline. I’d need to wake up 30 minutes earlier, but like I told my boss last night, “I was born with a heart defect. I will adjust.”

The ride itself was hard. Partly because I went out too fast and partly because it was crazy windy and my return trip was directly into a headwind/head-crosswind. The wind was out of the NW. My trip out was South and East, so directly with the wind. That means, when I turned around my trip was directly against the wind.

Going out my average speed was 16.8 mph. My return speed was around 12 mph. My average speed over the almost 30 miles was 14.5, which is slightly lower than my typical average speed. I could blame the wind (which the wind is partly responsible), but like I said earlier, I went out too fast and my legs were starting to die as I got to my destination and turned around. But, I got back home, legs screaming and throat irritated (probably from the dryer than normal air).

Overall, it was a good ride. Tiring? Yes, but I’m glad I made it. I’m not entirely sure it’s the best route to work, but it’s pretty good. I’ll keep y’all informed on when I start riding to work.

I originally said I’d drive half way and ride the other half, but now I’m considering going all out and riding the entire way from the start. Whatever I choose, I’ll keep y’all informed.

I hope y’all had a great Saturday,



Worked most of today. Got to sleep in, but that means I work tomorrow. Which is fine. Weekends are only 9-12 on Saturday so I can’t complain too much.

My boss is the greatest. Ever supportive both in the work sphere and personal life sphere. She wants me to push my bounds as much as my therapist and I do. Of course, it’s up to me to push my bounds, but cheerleaders are always welcome 🙂

I made overnight oatmeal last night and had it throughout the day today. Two things I can say is that they aren’t a quick meal and I’m finding oats 5 minutes after I’ve swallowed the majority of what I ate. Other than that, I enjoyed them. I kinda want to make hot oats to see if it’s any different. I’m sure it is, but I want to find out how it’s different.

Hope y’all had a good Friday,