That Little Voice

My favorite show of all time is Scrubs. It’s a hospital comedy show from the 2000’s. The main character, John Dorian (more well known as J.D.), learns to filter his inner monologue and not say/do everything he thinks.

I need to do the opposite.

Last week I met a cute girl with purple hair. I was shopping in her store and I wanted to check a shirt for size, so she lead the way to unlock the changing room and my inner monologue said ‘I love your hair!’

Did I say either of those?… No.

So we proceed with the transaction, she does her sales speech, I search the store a little more and get a second shirt because it was basically 50% off, and go to pay. The total was above a certain price point, so she gives me a coupon for this week and then asks, ‘Would you like to put a phone number to get a reminder for the sale?’

I said ‘No’ and completed the transaction and walked out of the store. As I was walking out my inner monologue said, ‘Go back and ask if the ‘reminder call’ is a robo-call or a call by her.’

Did I go back?… No.

I ignored all of it and went straight to my car and drove away.

Do I regret it? Kinda. I do plan to go back tomorrow to see if she’s there to try again. Hopefully her schedule is fairly consistent so I can ‘try again’. If she isn’t, I’ll visit more frequently to ‘bump’ into her.

Call it creepy or call it persistence. However you view it is no concern to me.

I’ll let y’all know what happens tomorrow. I hope y’all had a good Wednesday,



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