I mentioned addressing potentially moving out of my house sooner or later in the previous post (click on ‘previous post’ to get to my previous post). This is that post.

I’ve been with my current company for slightly more than 2 years, and although I recently got promoted from a part time to a full time position, the treatment I’ve received after my promotion and the pay I’m receiving have pushed me to search for other positions that will provide me the ability to live on my own.

My father recently informed me that the TSA (yes, the largely hated branch of the federal government) was hiring some 6,000 new employees. Partly because I’d like to live on my own and partly because my father said I’d be one of the more brighter TSA agents he’d come across, I applied to the TSA for their entry level position in Melbourne, FL.

Melbourne, FL is on the other coast of FL from where I am currently, but I think it’ll be a supreme adventure to learn the East coast way and how it compares to the West coast way. I’ll always be a West coast FL kid, but I’m excited at the possibility of learning about East coast FL culture.

I submitted my application tonight for the TSA position in Melbourne, FL and I’ll keep y’all updated as I hear things. The application time frame ends tomorrow, so I hope it won’t be too long before I can inform y’all of further happenings of my employment.]

I hope y’all had an excellent Memorial Day (if you’re in the US)! If not, I hope y’all had an excellent Monday!





What’s up friends?!

It’s been a minute (read 17 days) since my last post. Let’s change that.

It’s the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend and the ‘Unofficial Start of Summer’ which to me is a bollocks because when is it not Summer in Florida? (The answer is when it’s Not-Summer which is between Post-Summer and Pre-Summer. The length of Not-Summer varies from year to year and can vary from day to day. In general, Not-Summer is when the high temperature for any given day is at most 75 F. 76 F to 89 F is Pre- or Post-Summer and everything above 90 F is Summer… and so concludes Marshall’s renaming of the seasons.)

I didn’t really do a whole lot the first part of the day, but decided to hit the gym in the afternoon. What I did is as follows:

Warm-up: Butt Kicks, High Knees, Walking Toe Touches, Walking Quad Stretch.

Trap Bar Romanian Deadlift: 1×10 @ 65 ibs; 3×10 @ 90 ibs.

High Bar Squat: 1×1 Ass to Grass hold for 60 sec; 1×10 Body weight squat; 1×10 45 ibs squat; 2×10 65 ibs squat.

I then hit the stationary bike for a ride. I did a 5 minute warm up, then a 4 minute Tabata session, and then 15-ish minutes steady state riding.

That completed my workout and I will probably have troubles going down stairs tomorrow 😈

In other news, mom made the best chicken nuggets for dinner. They were crispy, just spicy enough, and super tender. When I move out (which may or may not be soon… I’ll address that in another post) those nuggets and the sweet potato fries my mom makes will probably be my go to meal along with a side of broccoli because broccoli is delicious.

I hope y’all’s Saturdays were enjoyable!



I should have know I’d do that.

I woke up yesterday morning at 5:40 with the plan to ride my bike to work… and immediately changed my mind and went back to sleep for another 20 minutes. So, I didn’t participate in Strava’s Global Cycle to Work event. But I made up for it today!

The ride to work was fairly standard if made a little more difficult because I was riding into a head/crosswind. Fortunately it wasn’t blowing that hard. I got to work a little late, but my boss wasn’t too concerned.

The ride back was similar in that I was riding into a head/cross wind. I took a different route, which was a little shorter, but I didn’t really enjoy the ride. Partly because the wind was more intense, partly because the bike lanes were fewer and farther apart, and partly because I got honked at from an impatient driver who couldn’t wait 3 seconds for me to turn left. But, I can’t complain too much. I got home in one piece and in a good time.

That kinda wraps up my day. I know it slightly uneventful, but uneventful days are needed to make the eventful days more eventful 🙂

I hope y’all are having good weeks,



What’s up friends?!

It’s been a little bit since my last ‘life update,’ so here’s a life update.

I recently switched gyms from Crunch to an Anytime Fitness. I think I mentioned it or mentioned I was thinking about it a little bit ago. Well, I went through with it. I may be paying 4x what I was previously, but I feel it’s worth it because 1) it’s a lot less busy; 2) private showers; 3) zero risk of accidentally viewing naked old men; 4) Anytime has all the equipment that Crunch has; 5) the free training session went a whole lot better than my experience at Crunch. For all these reasons, especially reason #3, I switched gyms.

Like I said, the free training session went well today. Megan asked what I wanted to focus on and then we went around the gym and did those things. She kinda kicked my ass a bit, but sometimes you need a slight ass kicking. I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow, but that’s ok. Thanks Megan!

Speaking of tomorrow… tomorrow is Strava’s Global Bike to Work Day which is what I’m going to do. My work is 14.5 miles away from my house so it’s a bit of a ride, but totally doable. The only thing is that I work all day tomorrow so that means getting into work at 7:10 which means leaving my house around 6:20 which means waking up around 5:40 which is 20 minutes before normal. I know that doesn’t seem like a significant amount of time, and it isn’t, but I’m gonna feel it as I’m likely to be sore from the previously mentioned workout. I let you know how it goes tomorrow evening.

Moving to Wednesday and Thursday, I plan to ride to work those days too. I’ll hopefully learn something from Tuesday, but the saving grace is that I don’t need to be at work until 9:30 so I can wake up at a more regular time of 8:00 which will be nice. I plan to ride to work at least 2 times per week starting this week. Partly because it’ll get me super fit and partly because I love riding and want to do it more/make it more consistent.

I think that’s enough talking for today. Like I said, I’ll let y’all know how the ride tomorrow goes.



What is the objective of Mission Trips?


I’m of the mind that option 3 is the proper option. Option 2 is only available if the people/person the mission trip is helping asks why were helping them and only then.

Also, I’m of the mind that there are many mission opportunities in our own communities and we don’t necessarily need to go to other countries to mission. I’m not saying missioning in other countries is worthless. Clearly they are of worth. I just think that people get wrapped up in missioning in other countries that they miss what’s happening in their communities.

Now that I’ve stated my opinions… I want to tell you a story.

I attended a small group for 18-ish months that met once a week. A member of the group that had been away at Uni was home and brought a couple friends home. I should say that the Uni in question was a Christian based Uni.

At one point in the evening the friends mentioned that there were many more people who were dabbling in ‘sinful’ behavior (read ‘sinful’ as usual Uni aged behavior e.g. drinking, sexy times, and other stuff). They, the friends, were speaking of these new students in a judgey fashion.

I should also say that these friends were studying to be missionaries.

I said to them, ‘What better time to practice what you’re learning? Show them the love of Christ. Maybe they’ll accept it. Maybe they won’t. But you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t and you can carry that to your ministry beyond Uni.’  That’s not an exact quote, but that’s the general point I was trying to make. End of story.

I tell that story because it kinda illustrates my point. Christians can be so preoccupied with ministering beyond their communities that they’re somewhat blind to their own communities.

Don’t be blind to the community that’s immediately around you.

I hope y’all are having a good weekend and to all the moms out there… Happy Mother’s Day!



Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Ok, back to my life…

I joined a new gym today. It’s an Anytime Fitness. Sure, the facilities are smaller compared to Crunch, but it’s a whole lot less crowded, there are better amenities, and there is 100% reduction of me viewing other guy’s junk. All of that justifies (according to my brain) the 4x increase in monthly payment.

Maybe one day I’ll have memorized my ‘Do the Opposite’ chart and apply it to my life. I decided to get some CFA breakfast before work today. I got my food, ate it, and went to throw my trash out, and when I was putting said trash in the can I looked up and say someone familiar.

She was face familiar, but not name familiar. So, what do I do? Approach her and ask for her name and hints from where I may know her? Nope… I turn around and head back to my seat and when I look back up again, she’s gone as she likely got her food to-go. I want to say ‘Oh well…’ but all I have is regret.

It probably didn’t help that she gave me coy smile when I was throwing my trash out. Will I be getting myself breakfast from CFA for the next few Thursdays in the hopes to potentially bump into her again? Yes.



What’s up friends?!

My weekend was pretty chill. Rode the bike on Saturday evening. If you’d like to view my route and other metrics click here. I enjoyed the ride. went down a road I hadn’t been before which was nice. Exploring unknown places is one of my favorite parts of cycling.

Week 2 update from my new position: I didn’t get shin splints last week, so that’s an improvement. But I’ve yet to meet with my area manager to discuss pay and benefits. Luckily my manager gave me the website to review the benefits packages. I’m going to send those packages to my dad because he’s more versed in that language and can guide me.

In other news, I’m probably going to switch gyms. Going from Crunch to Anytime Fitness. Partly because Anytime Fitness returns my calls, partly because they have all the same equipment, partly because they’re 2 miles away so I can ride my bike to the gym, and partly because it’s more quiet which is more my speed. I have a 2 week trial to figure out if I want to switch, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to switch. If you’re reading this, Hey Megan! I look forward to our meeting on Thursday!

That’s all for today,

I hope y’all’s weeks are getting off to a great start,