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I wrote about my increasing love for you last night

Though I may have overstepped my bounds. I was

Projecting my feels on you. I hope you can forgive me

As I was feeling a lot of feels, as evidenced by yesterdays poem.


I won’t retract my potentially puppy love post as I

Still have that feeling. What I will go back on is my questions

Directed towards you. Like ‘did you want to play footsie?’

Or ‘Did you want me to offer a hand?’ Those are questions


Directed at me and not you. I’m still figuring out if what I felt

Was long held puppy love or possibly something more,

But I’ll only find out when we next meet or even beyond that.

And to conclude this poem I just wanted to mention, when I was


Watching Deadpool, the female lead reminded me of someone

And it turns out it was you. I hope you’ve had a good week!



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