Religion and Me

36 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 40 On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 22: 36-40 ESV

If you were to ask me, “Marshall, what’s the essence of Christianity?” I would respond with the above quote or a paraphrase of the above quote (because I was never forced/strongly encouraged to memorize Bible passages). And I’d probably put extra emphasis on the second of those commandments. Not because I don’t believe in God, but because we interact with neighbors all day every day (also because God will always love us (unless you trip and place a hand on the Arc of the Covenant or are a Fig tree with no figs when it isn’t fig season or are named Job, but we’ll push those to the side for now)).

I posted an article earlier today that was about ‘nones’ and ‘dones’ and the disenchantment and frustration of my generation when it comes to religion and the doctrine/tradition that comes with it. I would be lying if I said I wan’t part of that group that’s frustrated by the current religious marketplace.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in a higher power. I firmly believe that there is power that we cannot see. I’m just kinda over the whole tradition, go to Church every week, and doctrine of it all.

I’m disenchanted by the tradition because I feel that most of the discussions are around things that were written 4,000 – 6,000 years ago and focus entirely on the words of certain passages instead of the over-arching spirit of the passage/chapter/book.

So, essentially what I want to get across is that the essence of Christianity is ‘love others as you’d have them love you’ or if you want a more direct message, to quote a sticker of my sister’s ‘don’t be a dick.’

Here’s the link to the article I mentioned above.



What’s up friends?!

It’s been a while since my last update.

There hasn’t been much news leading up to today, but today there was news to share.

I have been applying to various USPS jobs around the USA for a few months now. I haven’t always been the best at doing the assessments on time, but an opening for Sarasota came up and I decided to give it my all. So I did the online assessment the day it was due (classic procrastination by me) and I did the proctored online assessment today (by necessity) on the day it was due.

A passing grade for the proctored assessment was 70. Whether that’s a percentage or not I’m not certain, but the magic number was 70.

I got a 76.2!

I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I would assume I’m eligible to go to the next step in the process in possibly becoming a USPS employee. Which would be awesome! Government jobs aren’t necessarily looked upon with a glint in the eye, but I have a special situation (hello my somewhat faulty heart) where government benefits would be not quite a Godsend, but as close as one can come (hello almost any health insurance I choose).

That’s where I am currently. I’ll keep y’all updated on my job situation as it comes up.

Thanks for reading,



Today was quite the day for many reasons.

  1. It started off well enough, but for whatever reason, my lunch wasn’t until 2:30, and I felt a bit alone the last 30 minutes or so.
  2. I challenged my social anxiety quite a bit by asking a girl out in person for the first time. That’s right, ladies and gents, my 27 y/o person hasn’t asked a girl out in person until today. All the other times have been either through text or email or other internet messaging.
  3. Her response was “Maybe… but I’m seeing someone currently…” which is the most neutral answer one can say, but I’m ok with it.

That was my day and my reaction to my day.

I hope y’all had a good Friday!



Today’s big news… PANCAKES FOR DINNER!!!! Pancakes are one of my favorite foods as well as waffles, PB&J’s , most forms of chicken, broccoli, carrots, and my/my mom’s sweet potato fries. I’m pretty sure I could live a happy life with just the foods mentioned above.

Before PANCAKES!!!! was work and a work out. Work was fairly standard. Cars were cleaned and oil was changed (not by me).

After work I walked the block to the Anytime Fitness. I have been a member of Anytime Fitness for a couple months now and I love my home gym. One of the great things about Anytime is that after a month members can use any Anytime Fitness they choose. So, I went to another Anytime Fitness to see what it was about and I was a little underwhelmed.

It was a bit cramped with equipment and didn’t have a good place for me to place my backpack. But, I got a good upper body workout in none-the-less. I started with dumb bell overhead presses, then machine chest presses, and finally neutral grip pull ups set of 7/5/4/3/2/1.

I hope y’all had an excellent Thursday!



A story from yesterday:

A mother was switching cars and need assistance unclipping her toddler’s seat base. So I went in and started to fuss around trying to unclip the base. The mother’s daughter was still in the car and a little bit into me fussing around I feel a small hand on my head rubbing around. I look up and I see the daughter retracting her hand. She says, “It’s so fuzzy!” and I say, “It’s ok… you can rub my head.” So I continue to fuss and she continues to rub my head.

The mom asks how I’m doing and I say, “The clip is indeed super tight, but she’s rubbing my head so it’s cool.” The mom laughs and I continue fussing. I eventually get it off and bring the base to the new car and leave it for the mom to put in herself.

I head back to the first car and start a conversation with the daughter to occupy her while her mom is gone. I learn she’s four and that my name is a name in Paw Patrol which is cool. I let her rub my head one more time, give her a high five, and tell her her mom will be back in a minute.

End of cute story from yesterday.

Onto today.

I got my car’s oil changed today. It’s been a bit since my last oil change and apparently I had very little oil in my car. And now I’m gonna change my oil more often because I don’t want my engine to explode and I need a few other things done. So Ana, I’m coming your way over the next couple/few months.

I also set a PR for trap deadlifts today with a 135 ibs x 10 reps set. I kinda want to see what my 1 rep max lift is, but I think I’ll hold off on that for a little bit more. I also did Leg Presses, a few seated leg curls, and finished with pull ups/chin ups. It was a good workout and one I might repeat.

I hope y’all had a good Wednesday!



What’s up friends?!

Things I learned today: Broccoli (my favorite green veggie) is a member of the same family as cabbage, brussel sprouts, and kale. I’m not a fan of cabbage or brussel sprouts (though I need to try sprouts again in a different form e.g. sliced thin to see if I truly dislike them) and I haven’t tried kale as of yet, but the next time mom makes kale chips I will try them and get back to y’all.

Moving forward, the USA Olympic trials are going on and I couldn’t be more happy and excited for the Olympics! It’s the pinnacle for the sports that don’t get enough love the other 3 years; swimming, running, gymnastics, and many others that I’m not super engaged. I just hope the games will actually happen. I’m confident they will for most events, but for others I’m less confident. I hope everything will be decent enough to race.

In other news, it’s the day before the USA’s Independence Day otherwise known as the 4th of July. I hope everybody in the USA has a fun, happy, and enjoyable 4th and those who read this outside the USA I hope you have a fun, happy, and enjoyable 4th of July! I also hope that all the pets of those in the USA aren’t scarred for life from the upcoming evening. My kitty took cover beneath an end table because fireworks were going off tonight. And he’s not one to be scared of much.

Again, I hope y’all have an excellent 4th of July,



What’s up friends?!

It’s been a minute since my last post. My bad. I hope y’all have been good.

Yesterday I worked out for the first time a 10ish days. I did pyramid sets for trap bar deadlift and squats. For deadlifts my weights in ibs) were 75, 95, 115, and my squat weights were 45, 65, and 75. I finished by walking/jogging for 15ish minutes. I’ve always been more of a sprinter when it comes aerobic exercise so 15 minutes was all I could handle (also, I get a bit bored). I woke up sore, but by no means extremely sore.

Today was mostly work. Also, happy first full day of Summer! Also also, I continued cleaning the patio. I’m about half way done and I hope to be done, to my parent’s approval, my Saturday evening.

Tomorrow is another full day of work and I hope to get out on the bike or back in the gym after dinner. Which option depends on how sore I am tomorrow.

Then comes Thursday.

It’s just a normal day in the lives of most, but it is my birthday on Thursday! And I’m going to celebrate properly!

I’m going up to Orlando to visit and hang with my sister and in the evening I will be attending the Orlando Pride vs. the Houston Dash! This will be the first women’s professional match I will see and I’m super excited! Partly because soccer is my 2nd favorite sport to watch and partly because I enjoy women’s professional soccer vastly more than men’s professional soccer here in the States.

That’s the update for today and into Thursday. I hope to to another update tomorrow, but I can’t guarantee anything.

I hope y’all’s Tuesday was enjoyable,



I mentioned addressing potentially moving out of my house sooner or later in the previous post (click on ‘previous post’ to get to my previous post). This is that post.

I’ve been with my current company for slightly more than 2 years, and although I recently got promoted from a part time to a full time position, the treatment I’ve received after my promotion and the pay I’m receiving have pushed me to search for other positions that will provide me the ability to live on my own.

My father recently informed me that the TSA (yes, the largely hated branch of the federal government) was hiring some 6,000 new employees. Partly because I’d like to live on my own and partly because my father said I’d be one of the more brighter TSA agents he’d come across, I applied to the TSA for their entry level position in Melbourne, FL.

Melbourne, FL is on the other coast of FL from where I am currently, but I think it’ll be a supreme adventure to learn the East coast way and how it compares to the West coast way. I’ll always be a West coast FL kid, but I’m excited at the possibility of learning about East coast FL culture.

I submitted my application tonight for the TSA position in Melbourne, FL and I’ll keep y’all updated as I hear things. The application time frame ends tomorrow, so I hope it won’t be too long before I can inform y’all of further happenings of my employment.]

I hope y’all had an excellent Memorial Day (if you’re in the US)! If not, I hope y’all had an excellent Monday!




What’s up friends?!

It’s been a minute (read 17 days) since my last post. Let’s change that.

It’s the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend and the ‘Unofficial Start of Summer’ which to me is a bollocks because when is it not Summer in Florida? (The answer is when it’s Not-Summer which is between Post-Summer and Pre-Summer. The length of Not-Summer varies from year to year and can vary from day to day. In general, Not-Summer is when the high temperature for any given day is at most 75 F. 76 F to 89 F is Pre- or Post-Summer and everything above 90 F is Summer… and so concludes Marshall’s renaming of the seasons.)

I didn’t really do a whole lot the first part of the day, but decided to hit the gym in the afternoon. What I did is as follows:

Warm-up: Butt Kicks, High Knees, Walking Toe Touches, Walking Quad Stretch.

Trap Bar Romanian Deadlift: 1×10 @ 65 ibs; 3×10 @ 90 ibs.

High Bar Squat: 1×1 Ass to Grass hold for 60 sec; 1×10 Body weight squat; 1×10 45 ibs squat; 2×10 65 ibs squat.

I then hit the stationary bike for a ride. I did a 5 minute warm up, then a 4 minute Tabata session, and then 15-ish minutes steady state riding.

That completed my workout and I will probably have troubles going down stairs tomorrow 😈

In other news, mom made the best chicken nuggets for dinner. They were crispy, just spicy enough, and super tender. When I move out (which may or may not be soon… I’ll address that in another post) those nuggets and the sweet potato fries my mom makes will probably be my go to meal along with a side of broccoli because broccoli is delicious.

I hope y’all’s Saturdays were enjoyable!



I should have know I’d do that.

I woke up yesterday morning at 5:40 with the plan to ride my bike to work… and immediately changed my mind and went back to sleep for another 20 minutes. So, I didn’t participate in Strava’s Global Cycle to Work event. But I made up for it today!

The ride to work was fairly standard if made a little more difficult because I was riding into a head/crosswind. Fortunately it wasn’t blowing that hard. I got to work a little late, but my boss wasn’t too concerned.

The ride back was similar in that I was riding into a head/cross wind. I took a different route, which was a little shorter, but I didn’t really enjoy the ride. Partly because the wind was more intense, partly because the bike lanes were fewer and farther apart, and partly because I got honked at from an impatient driver who couldn’t wait 3 seconds for me to turn left. But, I can’t complain too much. I got home in one piece and in a good time.

That kinda wraps up my day. I know it slightly uneventful, but uneventful days are needed to make the eventful days more eventful 🙂

I hope y’all are having good weeks,